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Laser Therapy in West Hills

Class IV Laser therapy is a revolutionary form of treatment that utilizes a low-level laser to treat both chronic and acute pain. At Cool Breeze Chiropractic, located in West Hills, we have helped many patients residing in the Woodland Hills, Canoga Park and Calabasas area resolve their medical issues through laser therapy.

Laser therapy has been proven to be an extremely effective form of treatment for back and neck pain, musculoskeletal pain, pain associated with arthritis, fibromyalgia, tendonitis and neuropathy. Laser therapy also treats conditions such as TMJ, reflex sympathetic dystrophy and other scarring conditions safely and effectively.

This therapy increases serotonin levels (in addition to other chemical changes) in the area being treated which allows the body to heal itself more rapidly. This treatment is noninvasive and is one of the most effective healing therapies available in the medical community today.

Usually completed in twelve sessions or less, laser therapy is not only significant in reducing treatment times, it is cost effective as well. Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is a hand held, noninvasive, light emitting medical device. We have both class 3 (315 milliwatt) and super strong class 4 (9000 milliwatt or 9 watt) lasers at our office. This allows us to treat a wider variety of conditions more effectively than ever before.

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